A picture of me at Pickle Day 2018. Pickle Day is an annual celebration of all things pickled held in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Me at Pickle Day 2018.

Hi, I'm Becca, a techie, content creator, and researcher with a passion for products & experiences that improve how we work. I blend my technical and research skills with informative copy to create tools & processes that decrease time spent on busy work and increase time spent on value creation. While technical solutions are great, I find simple products especially inspiring (see Mom creates seat belt covers for kids with special needs).
Before entering tech, I spent several years researching how the brain controls movement. I helped develop a mobile app to quickly diagnose mild traumatic brain injury (commonly known as concussion) during my post-doc at Temple University. My PhD research focused on uncovering possible reasons for a phenomenon called "freezing of gait," which is common in Parkinson's Disease and required creating some funky prototypes!
Outside of work, you'll find me hanging out with my two kitties, McCallister and Oscar. When Mick and Ozzy aren't distracting me with their late-night partying, I'm pursuing my other interests: online education, art, fitness, pickles, and doughnuts.
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