Hello there, I'm Becca. I spend my days shipping products, building tools, analyzing data, and improving operations. For the last six years, I've worked in the tech industry on content teams—at one of the fastest growing startups in North America and at one of the largest corporations in the world. Prior to that, I was a behavioral neuroscientist in the field of gait and posture research.

Here, you can find samples of my work from throughout my career. Some of these projects went exceedingly well and helped a lot of people. And some were more interesting to me than anyone else. I started documenting my work when I realized I really needed a portfolio for job interviews, however I've found myself updating it relatively frequently because it's a great exercise. It helps me distill my career narrative and encourages me to keep my resume up-to-date! It even helped me realize that I actually know a thing or two (and I've turned that into a blog).

Outside of work, you'll find me hanging out with my two kitties, McCallister and Oscar. When Mick and Ozzy aren't distracting me with their late-night partying, I'm pursuing my other interests: online education, art, fitness, pickles, and doughnuts. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is go on a "doughnut tour" and try the local fare. While New York is the doughnut king, Scotland has some truly dazzling dough.

Photograph of Becca's lovely face with the Empire State Building in the background.
Fun fact: A few months after this photo was taken, I began my tech journey in the building behind me.